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SRC-S For S2 Helmets

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A Communication Revolution The SRC-System is an easy-to-install, fully integrated bluetooth communication system for C3 PRO, C3 PRO Woman, C3, C3W and S2 helmets. Riders can enjoy wireless bike-to-bike or rider-to-passenger intercom, cellular phone, FM Radio, GPS and MP3 functions without the visible bulk and aerodynamic drag of other systems. The ultra-slim SRC-System is installed directly into the helmet, encased in a replacement neck collar that snaps into place and is fully operational after initial charging. The SRC-System for the S2 and the new C3 PRO, C3 PRO Woman models plugs into a 31inch dual band antenna embedded in the helmet, enhancing the FM radio reception and communication distance to up to 1/2 mile between paired riders.